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Bookkeeping Services

When you choose SGBS Consulting, Inc. as your bookkeeper, you’re choosing accuracy, hyper-attention to detail, and a team that can deliver your books on time to keep you up-to-date.

With over 25 years of experience, we tailor our bookkeeping services to each individual client for their unique type of business. We get that all businesses are different and we’re committed to setting up the right plan for yours.

Our goal is simple: to get you back to running your business by remaining a trustworthy ally.

Our Bookkeeping Services Include:


We are QuickBooks masters. Whether you need a full-on clean up of your books, a new account set up, advising, or anything else imaginable, we can do it all. Click here to learn more about our QuickBooks services!

Accounts Receivable

The best worst-case-scenario as a business owner is having so many clients that you can’t keep track of who owes you money. We want you to be that busy, but allow us to handle your accounts receivable.

While you maintain your rock star business owner status, we work behind the scenes to track all money that is owed to you, generate proper invoices, and provide fully comprehensive accounts receivable reports.

By doing all of your invoicing, we can keep up with any money that is owed to your business and provide your company with reports showing you exactly what monies you are owed.

Accounts Payable

Paper mail, e-mail, carbon copies, auto-payments – expenses lurk at every turn of the head which means your accounts payable duties can take a lot longer than they should. We keep track of all company expenses by logging and maintaining your bills and providing a breakdown of what your biggest expenses are.

Sales Tax

Our team can help file your business’ sales tax documentation while contributing to cost-effective solutions for the future. We dig into QuickBooks, Shopify, PayPal, Stripe, and/or Square accounts, among others, to compile your sales tax returns to meet the state’s department filing requirements – call that a WIN.


Payroll processing takes time from doing what you’re best at – running your business. It also requires a current knowledge of tax and deposit regulations. Our payroll services alleviate clients of the time consuming burden of calculating and processing their payroll. We simplify the process and provide all necessary services, including payroll preparation, tax reporting, as well as federal, state, and local tax filings.

SEC Financial Reporting

A good operational accountant understands the importance of timeliness and accuracy when it comes to financial reporting to the SEC. We provide a starting point to ensure your books are transactionally accurate in line with gap accounting procedures. Our team coordinates with your company’s team of SEC auditors and lawyers to help produce a timely public report.

Bank Reconciliation

As a business owner, you know that staying on top of cash flow is imminent to overall planning and long term success. As experienced bookkeepers, we help you with credit card and bank reconciliation to keep all accounts up-to-date.

By working with your banking institutions to flag any errors or unauthorized, fraud, or forged checks, you can keep your company safe from penalties.

Financial Reports

As your bookkeeper, we help keep all numbers in strict alignment when it comes to your business. In terms of your financial reports, we work with you to make sure that your recorded transactions accurately fall into the correct income and expense categories. This makes producing Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports for you easy and allows you to make in-the-moment, more informed decisions.

Advisory CFO

Are you in need of financial guidance? We offer interim advisory CFO services for companies looking to jump to the next step in their business plan, in need of financial restructuring, or simply need help getting organized.

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